Choosing The Best Golf Putters For That Perfect Stroke

Choosing The Best Golf Putters For That Perfect Stroke

May 1, 2018 Off By Brayden Smith

Buying a putter is perhaps a very easy job for an advanced golfer, who may be too choosy and picky, but definitely know which ones could be the best golf putters for his use. But as a beginner you would seek for some guide while buying putters. And that’s why here are some nice ideas for buying putters so that you end up buying one of the best golf putters for use.

Putters really come in a huge variety. There are all shapes and sizes, heights and weights, and you would get too many choices in putters as it’s one of the most important golf clubs for scoring high. That’s why golfers do not really grow tired of acquiring new and better putters, and keep on trying to find the best golf putters from among them.

Deciding putter length

The length of a putter is very important factor. Every putter must be fulfilling one setting and criterion. When you are in a position that you are bent from the hip, elbows bent towards your chest, and your hips are balanced on your heels while your eyes are on the ball, then the putter must fit this setting and length. When you hold the putter in this position see where you are gripping it for the shot. If your grip is little down the length then you actually need a shorter length putter. Reversely if your grip is at the upper end of the shaft, then you need a longer putter. When your forearm and the shaft are in line then you know that this is the right length putter for you.

Balance point of the putter

Putters are either toe balanced or face balanced. As you may sometimes prefer a square to square hit, and at times you may prefer an arc stroke, thus both styles of putters should be owned by a golfer.

Long belly putters

These long putters are to balance tremors, and are preferred by many advanced golfers for the immense benefit they provide in yips.

Putter head

The head design of the putter also plays a role in making choice. Mallet head putters which come in a straight line are good for square hits with a face balance. But putters with no slight line like blade putters are good for arc strokes.

Many such points come into choosing the best golf putters for whatever game level you are in. It depends a lot on your own height and comfort level, experience level etc.