Exploring The Best Golf Courses In The USA

As a beginner you would be more than happy to get a decent golf course nearby to play a few shots and gain experience. But with time as you advance through the game, you would love to explore more places. And when you really grow old with golfing you would want to add the experiences of playing or watching others play at the top golf courses of U.S.A, just to add more feathers to your cap! Hence, to help you prepare your expedition with golf, here are the top 10 best golf courses in the USA you would definitely like to peek at, at some time of your life.

The 10 best golf courses in the USA

  • Wickenburg Ranch Golf and Social Club at Wickenburg, AZ, with green fee of $70 to 212.
  • Pasatiempo Golf Club at Santa Cruz, CA, with a green fee of $179 to 282.
  • Ballyowen Golf Club at Hamburg, NJ, with a green fee of $79 to 149.
  • Yocha Dehe Golf Club Cache Creek Casino Resort at Brooks, CA, with green fee of $55 to 145.
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links at Pebble Beach, CA, with a green fee of $495 to 525. (Yes it’s expensive!)
  • Annbriar Golf Course at Waterloo, IL, with green fee of $43 to 68.
  • Players Stadium Course at Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, with green fee of $399 to 549 (Quite expensive!)
  • Rams Hill Golf Club at Borrego Springs, CA, with a green fee of $65 to 200.
  • Wyncote Golf Club at Oxford, PA, with a green fee of $50 to 75.
  • Heritage Hill Golf Club at Shepherdville, KY, with a green fee of $35 to 59.

Although these ten are the best in their own ways, public votes, golfer comments and tourists attractions etc, you can still find out by visiting and playing the other golf courses near you, which gives you the best setting to enjoy the sport.

Your favorite

Each golf course has a different style, architecture, design, backdrop, ambience and landscape of its own. Not one can be compared to another, and therefore one that suits you as the golfer may not be as appealing to another. Therefore choosing the best golf courses in the USA as per your norms is on you. If you find a golf course reacting the best to you, then that should be included in your list of favorites.

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