Finding Your Pair Amongst The Best Golf Shoes

Finding Your Pair Amongst The Best Golf Shoes

January 8, 2019 Off By Brayden Smith

Golfing shoes share half of your tiredness as you walk on and on during golf playing. Much of the body’s balance, weight sharing, comfortable stepping and treading depend on the shoes. Hence, it’s natural that being a golfer you would spend much time and research in selecting the right pair of best golf shoes.

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When you choose by style

Golf shoes as per style come into two categories- traditional and athletic. Traditional shoes are made of leather. They are long lasting and look great. But they are leather made and leather is not breathable material thus making feet sweat. Athletic shoes are made of fabric and breathable material. The design is to pamper the feet. And again they come in two styles- spike-free and spiked.

Ensure proper fit

If you are buying online, then you must enter the right feet size to filter out the right sized shoes. A tight and secure grip on your feet, with a nice binding near the ankles, and room enough for your toes to feel the air is a must. Yet the golf shoes should be a little tight in grip than normal wear shoes so that you get a good balance while you swing the club.

Waterproof design

The best golf shoes are always waterproof. That’s because not only will they be worn in all seasons and in a light drizzle, but you have to consider that the turf contains some dew every morning which welcomes the early golfers.

To go spiked or spikeless

While spikeless shoes offer the comfort of light weight and smoother movements yet when you are golfing in a hilly area, undulating plain etc, then you need spikes for a better grip. That’s why the choice of spikes are dependent on your personal comfort and preference as well as the golf course geography. Nowadays even spiked shoes are made of flexible soles thus increasing the user comfort.

Price is on affordability

There can be no limit to goodness and quality, and hence based on style, comfort, design and brand, some of the best golf shoes come in various price ranges. It depends on your budget and affordability which price range you would target. The good news is that in almost any price range there will be something for everyone. All you need to do is find your perfect pair that meets your requirements, wherein you may have to consider alternative brands to suit your budget.