How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs For Kids

May 8, 2018 Off By Brayden Smith

Introducing your kid to golf from an early age is really exciting for you as the parent. And this needs some gala preparation too like selecting a good golf practice course, selecting a right approach towards introducing the game, and selecting the right golf accessories which includes the golf club. Kids cannot handle a golf club that’s meant for adults. Hence kids need something for their little hands which they operate with their little strength. That is why here are some nice tips for you to select the best golf clubs for kids.

How to buy a kids golf club

Golf clubs for kids can be selected either on the basis of height or age. Both ways are in practice. Clubs are manufactured by companies normally on the basis of age. However, if you want a more apt selection then instead of going by age specific clubs, you may seek height specific ones. That’s because your kid may be taller or shorter than his age.

Weight of the club is another factor to be noted. The lighter the weight of the club is, it’s better for the junior players. Kids need a light club and shaft till the age of nine approximately. When selecting best golf clubs for kids between nine to twelve years, a combination of light shaft and standard weight clubhead is good.

Alternate ideas

If you are keen on giving the kid a comfortable beginning to golf, you may try to bring on a different approach. As the swing speed is important in making distance gaps, the club has a prime role here. A putter and wedge also makes for a golf set. However kids above ten years should have at least 12 clubs.

Price tag

The best golf clubs for kids are not measured in terms of price. The highly expensive titanium golf clubs are really not meant for beginners which kids are. Kids can play really comfortably with aluminum made clubs. Stainless steel and Aluminum clubs come for a much less price, and yet are light weight and good to handle. There certainly are a few problems with the thick aluminum head that makes a bad contact sound while not uplifting the ball as desired. But for a beginner and kid these are trivial issues.


Above all it’s your eye for perfection and the choice as a parent that would help you find the perfect combination in a club for your little hero to prepare for the golf course.