Know the rules, basketball rules!

Know the rules, basketball rules!

September 5, 2018 Off By Brayden Smith

The game of 5 v 5 within a 28 m x 15 m to be played on a flat surface free from obstructions, the aim is to outscore the opponent. It’s the game that requires strategic use of space by both player and coaches. Do you know the basketball rules? Each full team of those on the court should count 12 players with 7 delegation members (19 in total), basketball rules allow all 5 players on the court to be substituted. The process of substitution is not limited so each player can become a substitute and a substituted player. Playing time requires 5 players to be on the field of play. Players can only enter or leave the court if one of the following conditions are met: the official beckons for the player to enter to make the switch, during time out, during any interval of play. International basketball is played in 2 halves whereas the NBA is played in 4 quarters.

Eligibility of play

Depending on the organized body overseeing the competition a player is eligible to play if he/she meets the base requirements: necessary age and no fouls. Each of the 5-player team for field of play should have the name entered on the team sheet before the beginning of play as stated in the basketball rules.


Basketball rules take into consideration the health and safety of each participating member. Basketball rules serve no greater or less purpose than any other. FIBA is an association that was created to compile a comprehensive set of rules for all areas of the sport. When James Naismith invented the sport in 1831 his basketball rules had 13 guidelines. James Naismith’s first official game was played with two 9-man teams as part of his physical education class. International Federation of Basketball (FIBA) has since reduced the number of players.

How is injury handled in the modern game? In the event of an injury of a single player or multiple players, the officials can stop the game. If an injury occurs, the whistle will not be blown until the team in control of the ball has shot for a basket to score or the ball is out of play. If necessary, the officials may stop the game immediately. Doctors or medics may enter the court without permission from the officials.

To win at all costs means that you’ll not respect the rules. If you follow the rules, you’ll enjoy the game. Remember to have fun.