What to know before buying a kayak

What to know before buying a kayak

June 3, 2018 Off By Brayden Smith

Are you finding it difficult to find the appropriate kayak for you and your family? There are various choices to ponder before spending your money on a brand new kayak. From the place of usage to the person who will be the kayaking partner, you should initially respond to a few questions.

  • Will you use your Kayak in moving or rather calm water?
  • How frequently will you utilize it? That is on a yearly basis, per week or now and then
  • Who will be your partner in paddling?

Responding to the above questions is a perfect start to comprehending the kind of kayak that you will desire and require.


When observing the descriptions of the kayak, you could be confused about the actual meaning. In most cases, these positions to the brand and type which may appear complex. It is important to recognize two distinctions which will help eradicate some of the confusion.

  • Brand mainly denotes the elegance and name of a kayak, and there exist hundreds.
  • Is it a beginner friendly kayak or not? Make sure you find good reviews on the internet before going to a store
  • Most crucially, type alludes to the hull or body of a kayak which matters on the subject of the conditions that this kayak is expected to handle.

The existing types of kayak models on sale can be comparable to termini for the sports.  There are four groupings in which kayaks can be categorized encompassing touring kayaks, recreational kayaks, downriver kayaks and White-water kayaks.


The size is as simple as the length is determined by your height and weight. You should cogitate your weight and a margin to house additional gear or paddlers. Further weight deliberations rely on the manner in which you plot on using your kayak. For example, in case you are preparing for an overnight tour where you will have to stop to camp and then go back, you shall have extra gear, weight, and space to reflect on. Longer kayaks have an advantage in that they are generally easy to paddle, have more stability and can also carry more heavy loads with reduced loss of performance. Also, they track better and move quicker.

Best time to purchase

As far as the price is concerned, off season is the most superlative time for you to purchase a kayak. Nevertheless, during this time the selection is limited since the retailers are usually on the move to clear the current stock so that they can create room for the upcoming models in the following year.