Finding Your Pair Amongst The Best Golf Shoes

Golfing shoes share half of your tiredness as you walk on and on during golf playing. Much of the body’s balance, weight sharing, comfortable stepping and treading depend on the shoes. Hence, it’s natural that being a golfer you would spend much time and research in selecting the right pair of best golf shoes.

When you choose by style

Golf shoes as per style come into two categories- traditional and athletic. Traditional shoes are made of leather. They are long lasting and look great. But they are leather made and leather is not breathable material thus making feet sweat. Athletic shoes are made of fabric and breathable material. The design is to pamper the feet. And again they come in two styles- spike-free and spiked.

Ensure proper fit

If you are buying online, then you must enter the right feet size to filter out the right sized shoes. A tight and secure grip on your feet, with a nice binding near the ankles, and room enough for your toes to feel the air is a must. Yet the golf shoes should be a little tight in grip than normal wear shoes so that you get a good balance while you swing the club.

Waterproof design

The best golf shoes are always waterproof. That’s because not only will they be worn in all seasons and in a light drizzle, but you have to consider that the turf contains some dew every morning which welcomes the early golfers.

To go spiked or spikeless

While spikeless shoes offer the comfort of light weight and smoother movements yet when you are golfing in a hilly area, undulating plain etc, then you need spikes for a better grip. That’s why the choice of spikes are dependent on your personal comfort and preference as well as the golf course geography. Nowadays even spiked shoes are made of flexible soles thus increasing the user comfort.

Price is on affordability

There can be no limit to goodness and quality, and hence based on style, comfort, design and brand, some of the best golf shoes come in various price ranges. It depends on your budget and affordability which price range you would target. The good news is that in almost any price range there will be something for everyone. All you need to do is find your perfect pair that meets your requirements, wherein you may have to consider alternative brands to suit your budget.

Top Tips for Planning a Multi Day Hike

Backpackers seem to be free spirits guided by the drifting winds and their love for nature and traveling. However, looking at the realistic picture, without proper planning a trip, whether it is driven by leisure, lust or nature’s love cannot be successful. It is indeed one of the basic truths that starting a hike without the proper management and planning of food, information, route map, equipment, medical supplies, and information can be a total mess. However, when you know how to plan for your hike trips, when you can smartly arrange for all essentials and even be prepared for risk management, planning a multi day hike can not only be fun but experiencing one can also be memorable.

Comprehensive Research 

Hikers excavating new and adventurous trails must have sufficient information and supplies of food, tenting etc for proper hiking experience.

  • You can start your research by choosing the trail you would like to explore. For beginners it is best to keep small and practical targets for each day, when you are planning a multi day hike, like for example five to seven miles per day throughout your entire hiking trip of may be a week.
  • You need to know the route as well and the required permits, trail closure timings, accessibility modes to the starting point, whether you can hire local ranger to assist you, availability of tenting locations, weather conditions etc, to make your hike successful.
  • For best information collection visiting the government authorized national park service sites is the best since you will get know about complete guidelines, time for hiking, permits and documents required, medical eligibility etc fine details.

Pack it well

Well that’s the key to a successful hiking experience. You don’t know which equipment you might need in your hiking; therefore once you are done gathering all required information and details about the hiking trail, you need to jot down a list for all equipment, supplies and tools to be carried. This will most importantly include your tenting equipment, first aid box, sufficient food supply, water, hiking shoes, and other tools that can be helpful. You can grab on to required tools from any outdoor hiking equipment providers. Moreover, even if you need assistance with the list for equipment, you can also check online. There are several hiking sites where you will easily get help from experienced hikers.

Above all, being physically fit and able to withstand the stress of carrying that heavy backpack all throughout the hiking is a critical criterion for planning a multi day hike and requires abundant physical training and hiking practices.

How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs For Kids

Introducing your kid to golf from an early age is really exciting for you as the parent. And this needs some gala preparation too like selecting a good golf practice course, selecting a right approach towards introducing the game, and selecting the right golf accessories which includes the golf club. Kids cannot handle a golf club that’s meant for adults. Hence kids need something for their little hands which they operate with their little strength. That is why here are some nice tips for you to select the best golf clubs for kids.

How to buy a kids golf club

Golf clubs for kids can be selected either on the basis of height or age. Both ways are in practice. Clubs are manufactured by companies normally on the basis of age. However, if you want a more apt selection then instead of going by age specific clubs, you may seek height specific ones. That’s because your kid may be taller or shorter than his age.

Weight of the club is another factor to be noted. The lighter the weight of the club is, it’s better for the junior players. Kids need a light club and shaft till the age of nine approximately. When selecting best golf clubs for kids between nine to twelve years, a combination of light shaft and standard weight clubhead is good.

Alternate ideas

If you are keen on giving the kid a comfortable beginning to golf, you may try to bring on a different approach. As the swing speed is important in making distance gaps, the club has a prime role here. A putter and wedge also makes for a golf set. However kids above ten years should have at least 12 clubs.

Price tag

The best golf clubs for kids are not measured in terms of price. The highly expensive titanium golf clubs are really not meant for beginners which kids are. Kids can play really comfortably with aluminum made clubs. Stainless steel and Aluminum clubs come for a much less price, and yet are light weight and good to handle. There certainly are a few problems with the thick aluminum head that makes a bad contact sound while not uplifting the ball as desired. But for a beginner and kid these are trivial issues.


Above all it’s your eye for perfection and the choice as a parent that would help you find the perfect combination in a club for your little hero to prepare for the golf course.

Choosing The Best Golf Putters For That Perfect Stroke

Buying a putter is perhaps a very easy job for an advanced golfer, who may be too choosy and picky, but definitely know which ones could be the best golf putters for his use. But as a beginner you would seek for some guide while buying putters. And that’s why here are some nice ideas for buying putters so that you end up buying one of the best golf putters for use.

Putters really come in a huge variety. There are all shapes and sizes, heights and weights, and you would get too many choices in putters as it’s one of the most important golf clubs for scoring high. That’s why golfers do not really grow tired of acquiring new and better putters, and keep on trying to find the best golf putters from among them.

Deciding putter length

The length of a putter is very important factor. Every putter must be fulfilling one setting and criterion. When you are in a position that you are bent from the hip, elbows bent towards your chest, and your hips are balanced on your heels while your eyes are on the ball, then the putter must fit this setting and length. When you hold the putter in this position see where you are gripping it for the shot. If your grip is little down the length then you actually need a shorter length putter. Reversely if your grip is at the upper end of the shaft, then you need a longer putter. When your forearm and the shaft are in line then you know that this is the right length putter for you.

Balance point of the putter

Putters are either toe balanced or face balanced. As you may sometimes prefer a square to square hit, and at times you may prefer an arc stroke, thus both styles of putters should be owned by a golfer.

Long belly putters

These long putters are to balance tremors, and are preferred by many advanced golfers for the immense benefit they provide in yips.

Putter head

The head design of the putter also plays a role in making choice. Mallet head putters which come in a straight line are good for square hits with a face balance. But putters with no slight line like blade putters are good for arc strokes.

Many such points come into choosing the best golf putters for whatever game level you are in. It depends a lot on your own height and comfort level, experience level etc.

Exploring The Best Golf Courses In The USA

As a beginner you would be more than happy to get a decent golf course nearby to play a few shots and gain experience. But with time as you advance through the game, you would love to explore more places. And when you really grow old with golfing you would want to add the experiences of playing or watching others play at the top golf courses of U.S.A, just to add more feathers to your cap! Hence, to help you prepare your expedition with golf, here are the top 10 best golf courses in the USA you would definitely like to peek at, at some time of your life.

The 10 best golf courses in the USA

  • Wickenburg Ranch Golf and Social Club at Wickenburg, AZ, with green fee of $70 to 212.
  • Pasatiempo Golf Club at Santa Cruz, CA, with a green fee of $179 to 282.
  • Ballyowen Golf Club at Hamburg, NJ, with a green fee of $79 to 149.
  • Yocha Dehe Golf Club Cache Creek Casino Resort at Brooks, CA, with green fee of $55 to 145.
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links at Pebble Beach, CA, with a green fee of $495 to 525. (Yes it’s expensive!)
  • Annbriar Golf Course at Waterloo, IL, with green fee of $43 to 68.
  • Players Stadium Course at Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, with green fee of $399 to 549 (Quite expensive!)
  • Rams Hill Golf Club at Borrego Springs, CA, with a green fee of $65 to 200.
  • Wyncote Golf Club at Oxford, PA, with a green fee of $50 to 75.
  • Heritage Hill Golf Club at Shepherdville, KY, with a green fee of $35 to 59.

Although these ten are the best in their own ways, public votes, golfer comments and tourists attractions etc, you can still find out by visiting and playing the other golf courses near you, which gives you the best setting to enjoy the sport.

Your favorite

Each golf course has a different style, architecture, design, backdrop, ambience and landscape of its own. Not one can be compared to another, and therefore one that suits you as the golfer may not be as appealing to another. Therefore choosing the best golf courses in the USA as per your norms is on you. If you find a golf course reacting the best to you, then that should be included in your list of favorites.